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Welcome to Done in a Day Decorating from Marlborough, MA

Whether you’re looking to make your home beautiful or seeking a stand-out look to sell your home in today’s competitive housing market, Done in A Day Decorating has the expertise you need. Owner Laurie Heffernon is an interior decorator, home stager and home redesigner with extensive experience and a keen eye for detail, style, color, lighting and space planning. Done in a Day Decorating brings ten years of experience consulting with satisfied clients…one beautiful room at a time. Laurie will work within your budget, help you if you need guidance in decision-making and craft an outstanding look to stage your home for sale. *

Our best clients are those who have tried to take on even moderately complicated design projects themselves, because they know how expensive and time consuming a design project can be without design experience, especially when they find it difficult to get through the self-doubt phase of the planning.

We’re located in Marlborough, Massachusetts, generally serving clients within a 90-minute radius including Greater Boston, Metrowest and Central Mass. We are also happy to serve those in other areas.

Traditional design services, small-scale plans, whatever you need

Done in a Day Decorating can help you with all of your design plans including project coordination, overall strategy, color, floor planning, buying plans, window treatments and reupholstery, shopping and accessorizing.

Because our fees are charged hourly, clients have the flexibility of using our expertise where and when they need it. We understand that some clients feel that they don’t have a designer’s eye, while others are afraid to make expensive mistakes or inadvertently display questionable taste. Others just don’t have the time and energy to design the rooms they long to love. Some just need a jump start, others need prodding to keep on track and some want all the decisions made by an expert they can trust. Whatever your situation, Done in a Day Decorating provides the specific help you need!

Done in a Day Decorating takes pride in helping you become a bit more educated in designer tricks of the trade. Many clients enjoy having a peek into the world of design. Some questions that come up: What is the maximum sofa dimension the room can handle? How large should an area rug be? What size chandelier will work with your table and the size of your room? When can “the rules” be broken? We will help you find the answers.

Your stuff and our trained eye

interior redesign in Marlborough, MAAmong our services is interior redesign. You won’t need to purchase anything new. We’ll work with your existing furniture, lighting, art and accessories. We will expertly place your furnishings to produce dramatic changes in the look of your room(s). Results can be achieved in just one day. You won’t believe your eyes when you see a room that’s been transformed with perfect composition and balance!

Interior redesign is an extremely cost-effective way to stretch your decorating budget. Whether you plan on a strict redesign only, or redesign will be the first step in a more extensive design plan, you’ll enjoy being part of the process and watching your ideas become reality. Participating in the process empowers you to achieve the look you’ve dreamed of.

Selling your home quickly and profitably

Staged homes sell six times faster than un-staged homes. Many sellers of un-staged homes find that they must make steep price reductions as their property lingers on the market. You can avoid this lost profit by planning ahead with staging.

Done in a Day Decorating has a proven track record of staging homes that sell quickly. Staging gives you a competitive edge in the market. Expert home staging entices prospective buyers from the moment they enter the home. They will tour your home with great anticipation as the design unfolds. The process is more than primping, de-cluttering and weeding out extra furniture. Professional home staging brings in a fresh, trained set of eyes and the expertise to play up the best features and distract from those that might be problematic. We can use your furnishings or rent them where needed.


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