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Interior decorating

Done in a Day Decorating provides a variety of design consultations, depending on your project and personal needs. We develop floor plans and create color schemes while guiding you in choosing paint colors, furniture, cabinetry, counters, tiles, lighting, rugs, flooring, window treatments, art and accessories. If you prefer, we also work around your favorite furnishings! Interior decorator in Marlborough MA

We are experienced in designing complete rooms or homes, working at a pace that’s comfortable for your needs and lifestyle. Thanks to the Internet we can get started by shopping together for many things right from your home. We also accommodate clients who prefer to implement ideas at their leisure, as well as those who do their own shopping in phases and request consultation on their choices. We are happy to work with clients who require our input while they shop or those who want Done in a Day Decorating to do most of the planning and shopping with consultation taking place with the client before purchases are made.

We provide referrals for painters and other home services from our list of trusted home decorating professionals, with the option of having us manage your project as work progresses. Done in a Day Decorating has longstanding relationships with a wide array of professionals, including local furniture stores and those selling tile, lighting and other tools for home improvement. We bring in experts whom we trust.

Interior redesign

Interior redesign is our classic service; we work with most of your own furnishings while keeping new purchases to a minimum.
Interior design helps very stylish living areas We will first discuss your style, how you want to live in your space, what you like and dislike about your room and what you want to achieve for your room.

We will then empty the room of everything but the largest items so that we can start with a clean slate. Keeping in mind your personal style and desires for the use and function of the room, we determine the room’s focal point. Then, with your permission of course, we will “shop” your home for items that will enhance the transformation. With your existing furniture, lighting, art and accessories we create balance and harmony to transform the space into the inviting, functional, beautiful room you’ve been hoping for.

After the redesign, we’ll provide you with a list of suggestions for anything you may need to complete your new look. You can purchase the items yourself or use our shopping service to do it for you!

Home decor shopping

Home decor shoppingSome clients are happy with the design plan but aren’t comfortable making the purchasing decisions on their own. Others don’t have the time or desire to do it themselves. If this is you, don’t worry! You can still create sensational rooms! We can shop for anything you might need. We can do it for you, or if you prefer, along with you.

Before we shop, we’ll set a budget with you for each item on our list so there’s no need to worry about going over budget. Everyone’s needs are different, so don’t worry about asking us to shop the discount stores! Some retail stores offer a designer discount; we will pass the discount on to you whenever possible.

Move-in services

This service takes the stress out of your move, whether you’re relocating to a new area or home, downsizing, upsizing or combining households.
Move in home design servicesAfter you unpack, we analyze your space, keeping in mind your personal style and your requirements for the use and function of each room. Together we’ll create inviting, functional and beautiful rooms using your existing furniture, lighting, art, and accessories.

We’ll then provide you, if necessary, with suggestions for items to complete your new rooms. We’ll also do the shopping if you prefer. Why wait (some people wait years!) to redo each room in your new home? In very little time, every room can feel as comfortable and inviting as you’ve hoped. We certainly will be ready to help in the future as you continue to make the house your home in a more permanent way.

Real estate staging

Done in a Day Decorating consults with you on aesthetic changes to increase a room’s appeal and provides hands-on staging. RealHome staging presents your home in the best light estate staging is similar to our interior redesign service, with some variation in goals and techniques. Placement decisions for furniture, lighting, artwork and accessories are made with the goal of creating a positive first impression for potential buyers.

Our goal is the same as yours – to get you a fast and attractive offer. We'll remove excess furnishings and arrange what’s left in a way that directs the buyer's eye to your home's best features while minimizing problem areas. You can save money by having a few able bodies available to help with any heavy lifting that might be involved. If you have empty rooms or an entire empty house, we can arrange the rental, delivery and placement of the perfect furnishings to make your home show at its best.

Gift certificates

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who has a design challenge and may not have the time, talent or patience to face it head on? Done in a Day Decorating offers gift certificates for all of our services. In fact, some of our best gift clients are women who give themselves our services for their important birthdays!

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