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Interior Redesign Services
All fees are due and payable on the day the service is provided. The minimum service of two hours increases if total travel time is more than 30 minutes. Work done between visits is billable. Some exceptions apply

Laurie Heffernon offers color or decorating consultations
Home staging consultations inform about efficient use of spaceThis consultation is for the person who needs simple or complex decorating advice. Whether you would like two hours of general decorating advice, or whether you need a full decorating plan, Done in a Day Decorating can help you. We can establish a color scheme, develop basic floor plans, and choose paint colors, furniture, rugs, flooring, window treatments, art, and all the accessories! We know how to ask the right questions to uncover your needs and then educate you so that you make the right choices to meet those needs. After we offer our decorating suggestions some clients like to implement them at their own leisure. Others need more guidance, and our shopping service, and still others prefer us to handle all the details for them. In any event, if you need a quality painter or other home
services expert to get the job done, we can refer from our list of trusted professionals.

Interior redesign services in Marlborough MA
We will first discuss your style, how you want to live in your space, what you like and dislike about your room, and what you want to achieve for your room.  Then we will empty your room of everything but the largest items in order to create a clean slate to work with.  Keeping in mind your personal style and desires for the use and function of the room, we Interior redesign helps very stylish living areaswill determine the room’s focal point.  We will then (with your permission of course) “shop” your home for items that will enhance the transformation of your room.  At this point we will use your furniture, lighting, art, and accessories to redesign your room, creating balance and harmony, and ultimately the inviting, functional, and beautiful room you are looking for.  After the redesign, we’ll provide you with a list of suggestions for things that you may need to complete your new look.  You can go out and purchase the items yourself, or you can use our shopping service to do it for you! 

Real estate staging in Marlborough MA
Home staging presents your home in the best lighthether you just want a consultation on what aesthetic changes need to be made to your home to increase its appeal, or whether you want to combine that with hands-on Staging, Done and a Day Decorating can help. Real Estate Staging is similar to the Interior Redesign Service that we offer except the placement decisions for your furniture, lighting, artwork, and accessories will be made considering a primary goal of creating a positive first impression for potential buyers and enticing them to buy. Our goal is the same as yours – to get you a fast and attractive offer. We'll remove excess furnishings and arrange what is left in a way that brings the buyer's eye to your home's features and distracts them from its weaknesses. You can save money by having a few able bodies available to help with any moving involved. Have empty rooms or an entire empty house? We can arrange the rental, delivery, and placement of the perfect furnishings to make your home show at its best.

Interior redesign services include move-in servicesInterior redesigner, Laurie Heffernon will help you place your furniture
This service takes the stress out of your move, whether you are relocating to a new area, downsizing, upsizing, combining households, or just moving to a new place. After you are unpacked, we will analyze your space, keeping in mind your personal style, and desires for the use and function of each room.  Then, we’ll create inviting, functional, and beautiful rooms using your existing furniture, lighting, art, and accessories.  After we are finished, we’ll provide you with a list of suggestions for things that you may need to complete your new rooms – we’ll even do the shopping if you want us to.  Ask yourself why you would even consider waiting -- sometimes years -- to “redo” each room in your new home before you can call them comfortable and inviting rooms!

Home decor shopping and placementHome shopping services
If you like the decorating ideas we discuss but are not comfortable making the purchase decisions on your own, or even if you just don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, you can still have an attractive and comfortable home! We can shop for just about anything you might need for your home. We can do it alone, or if you prefer, bring you along.  Before we shop, we’ll set a budget with you for each item on our list so you don’t need to worry about going over your budget.   Everyone’s needs are different, so don’t worry about asking us to shop the discount stores! You won’t have to drag things back to the store to return them, since if we physically buy it and you don’t like it, the time to return things is on us! Here’s another reason to shop through us – for most retail stores that offer a designer discount, Done and a Day Decorating can pass the discount along to you!

Interior redesign gift certificates availableInterior redesign creates welcoming and balanced spaces in your home
Are you looking for the perfect gift  for a person who has everything but needs help decorating with it?  Done in a Day Decorating offers gift certificates for all of the services it provides.   A Done in a Day Decorating secret: our best gift clients are women who give themselves our services for their important birthdays.

Interior Redesign Service Fees
W for What we chargehat we charge:

    • 2 hours $200
    • 3 hours $285
    • 4 hours $365
    • Each additional hour $75
    • $75 per hour applies to additional visits
    • Assistant (if needed) $20 an hour

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