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Testimonials for Marlborough Interior Redesigner

My bedroom looks better than I ever imagined. Everything is absolutely beautiful!

A. Burd

I want to thank you for your “eye”. You made my room look like a real living room – one that I am not embarrassed to show friends! Equally important is that you showed me how it could look without extraneous clutter.
V. Masin

Laurie was a tremendous asset in marketing my home for sale. I had relocated out of town and needed to sell my condo. I love the place, but units like it in the complex had been listed for many months without moving. I also had competition in relatively new construction in the area. Laurie designed changes that were high impact and maximized the value of my investment, including renting a just a few pieces of furniture that were perfect for the spaces. Her staging created a look that was updated, harmonious and inviting. She worked well with my realtor and minimized my need to engage or travel while still keeping me in the loop. My condo sold on the first day. I would wholeheartedly recommend Laurie to anyone, whether they are selling their home or want to update it for their own use and pleasure."
Susan F.

Laurie has helped us decorate both our previous house in Charlotte, NC and our current house in Ashburn, VA. Laurie has assisted with paint color selection, window treatments, furniture arrangement, and accenting. We have always been pleased with the outcome and credit her work with the quick sale of our Charlotte home when we relocated to Virginia. Laurie is a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to others.
T. Mazur

Interior Redesign can Warm Up Your Home Your superb redesign skills vitalized our living room from a boring, unbalanced hodgepodge of furniture and décor into a finished living space that we can proudly show off to friends and family.

Now, everything is arranged perfectly, and even the blue couches which I no longer loved look at home in the room.  I was amazed that you had the presence to place items that I would have never displayed. My Mother’s decorative plates have always been hidden away in the china cabinet, but now I can enjoy them in their little stands on the table.  And, the artwork that you moved from other rooms suddenly looks better, and really enhances the room!

You truly have a flare.  Even my husband, who had a “ho hum” attitude about redesigning the room, now says “Wow, what a difference!”  I may even be able to convince him to build us a fire in the fireplace now!
G. Chambers

Icouldn't believe how much better the room looked after Laurie re-designed it. She carefully selected just the right items to make the room work without anything new. It's amazing what can be done when you have an eye for color, scale and design.
K. Weldon

We are all very pleased with the results of your efforts and redesign.  We are looking forward to having dinner in the new dining room.  My younger son and husband are enjoying hanging out in the cozy Computer/Sitting room. 

The redesign and redistribution of the furniture makes our first floor living areas feel more spacious and welcoming. I'm glad you asked so you knew- it was worth it and there was excellent value in the services you provided. I appreciate your professionalism also.
Aimee P.

As a realtor in the Metrowest suburbs, I frequently ask Laurie to stage my listings. In a competitive market like the one we're experiencing, staging is critical to maximize a seller's chances of a timely sale and strong sale price.

Interior redesign eliminates clutter allowing guests to apprecite the space

Laurie is my ace in the hole for making sure that happens. Each home she has staged for me has sold quickly and received great reviews from buyers and realtors alike.

She helps my clients edit their furnishings and displays what they currently have, re-designing each room to show it's focal points off to best advantage. She also recommends new pieces, window treatments, paint colors and accessories as needed to make each room really shine. Laurie has a wonderful eye for color and line, and a true gift for transforming an average space into a beautiful one.
A. Hollows

Iwas so tickled to come home to my new family room on Monday. Once again, I am convinced that everything I thought about decorating is immaterial once I see the magic you worked in my room.

My husband and I have really enjoyed sitting in there and watching the fireplace which was pretty much ignored before. I am heading to Florida for a week or so and I am not as excited about going now since you transformed my room. Thanks you again for all your hard work. My room is the best it has ever been. 
J. Owens

Ilove the living room. I was on the couch all night watching TV, and for the first time I felt really comfortable in that room. I think your setup gives a feeling of coziness, which is what I was looking for. .. And of course, the foyer is stunning! Who knew I had the makings hiding in the knew! Great job!
R. Silver

Laurie came to my somewhat older (aka, outdated) house and helped me do a complete redesign. Without spending money, the house looks fantastic. Laurie has the eye and can make use of whatever you currently have to update your home. I don't know why everybody doesn't use Laurie.
S. Kennedy

We're both so happy! I can't believe my husband likes everything- You helped him feel comfortable with the process, which is saying alot, considering his adversion to change! Thanks so much. I will definitely have you back- I have you planned into my budget!
R. Koenig

I wanted to thank you again...I LOVE what you did with the living room, I can finally sleep at night…My husband LOVES it too, he liked the picture on the fireplace a lot and thinks the arrangement of the furniture makes it so much cozier. I will be sure to call you the next time I have a project to tackle!
V. Roy-Hachey

ow! What a difference you made in my living room. My family and I love it! It's amazing to me that your mood can change by improving your personal space but've given me that gift. This room is cozy, elegant, and peaceful. I'm very thankful for your hard work every day I spend in there. My family is really questioning our decision to sell our home after what you did to the room. Thank you so much.
C. Stefanik

We LOVE what you did to the living room! And, the dining room seems so much larger and lighter now, thanks to your great ideas. I'd love to hire you for the other rooms.
J. Altenberg

My lovely old B and B thanks you for it's fresh look for the holidays. Everytime I think I have the room exactly like I want it, you work your magic and I can't decide which way I love more. You really enhanced the things I love and  I love looking at my beautiful Tiffany lamp in the bay window. It was great fun to come home from my trip and see my new
P. Paul

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